Monday, June 22, 2015

Day 231

Sometimes through your hardest struggles you get the greatest rewards. Sounds silly doesn't it? When you are going through something really terrible, all you can think about is how horrible it is, not what gem of knowledge you'll get out of it! Yet often if we take the time when you can after the distressing event to reflect, you actually find out something amazing. Whether that be about yourself, about others, about your life or lifestyle, about how you conduct yourself or anything! 

Yesterday was one of those horrible days. Started out fantastically, beautiful weather, so I put my two birds lorikeet 'Loki' and cockatiel 'Tinkerbell' out in the sun on a bench. I went out the front with Buddy and sat in the sun with a cup of tea. I can back inside and got a load of washing to put out on the line. As I walked outside, I realised that Loki's cage had fallen on the ground, and Loki was no where in sight. A mini-breakdown, lots of tears, hugs from mum and dad and 2 hours searching...still no Loki. My boyfriend came to look for himself (as even though Loki lived with me, he was technically his!) and gave me a quick cuddle, and I then had to rush to go to work. 

I learnt a lot about myself yesterday. That animals mean more to me than 'just pets' and that even when we grizzle about them, they still hold a place in our hearts. The other thing I learnt was the power of a cuddle. Sometimes in your lowest moments a cuddle from someone you love helps you see a bit more clearly. So it is so important to surround yourself at all times with people you love. I have realised I've become more and more work-orientated and a recluse, leaving catch-ups with my friends as a whirlwind hello. 

My boyfriend said to me that he realised more the impact of his job on his pets and on me (living 3hours away too!). That it took something terrible to happen for him to realise that he needs to look for another job. 

Terrible things are unavoidable, but at least if we do see the changes we can make to live a better life they are a bit more manageable. Why wait? What would you/could you change NOW??

...Until Tomorrow xox

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