Monday, June 15, 2015

Day 229

Yay! Today I set aside time to work on my a result I made my first informational you tube video for dog training!! Yay! I had great help from 2 amazing people, and for the first time since getting an iPad am appreciating the different things you can do with it! 

It certainly pushed me out of my comfort zone..talking CONCISELY and looking directly at the camera was quite tricky - especially for someone who loves to talk! :) Please have a look at it:

2.5hours of hard work. Now to do this consistently I would like to produce one a week - or one every 2 weeks! :) 

Sometimes the things we dream of doing are the last on our list. Maybe because fear is holding us back - maybe because we prioritise the wrong things in our day. But these are the things we should make time for, as they are the things that make us smile, laugh and feel good. I love sharing my knowledge and I enjoyed today so much - it made me realise that I am putting the wrong things first!

...Until Tomorrow xox


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