Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Day 220

Sometimes in life we forget to look outside of ourselves and look for a different alternative or solution to a situation than to react emotionally. I found this today when I had a meeting about how best to deal with staff that I am responsible for in my new role. I was getting frustrated at easy-to-follow instructions that were not being followed. I was made aware that I need to understand how each person individually approaches the situation learns and adjust the training accordingly. 

It has made me much more reflective on everything, and how what comes naturally to me, may not for others. And also that if it is important to a situation, providing knowledge and understanding is important. I have some interesting ideas for our next staff meeting. Including some exercises that I utilise in dog training! 

Sometimes asking why someone is feeling the way they do, by picking up on their behaviour and sometimes subtle body language can be a way to help them and also diffuse a potentially sad situation. Listening to what they say without judgement and without thinking about your response (active listening) is a skill that is a difficult one to learn. Being empathetic and compassionate with your response is important, but not always easy!

So next time you react with emotion, stop and have a breath and reflect on how you may better deal with the people involved. To distance yourself from the negativity some people will bring to a situation is so important too! Remain clear headed and calm.

...Until Tomorrow xox

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