Friday, June 19, 2015

Day 230

Something I have noticed this week, is that in today's society it is much easier to be critical, negative and to shoot something someone says or does, rather than to say something that is positive. I have fallen into that terrible habit this week. 

I have had a challenging week, going back a few steps with my rehab, increased pain, more flashbacks etc. Instead of just writing my grateful's - or even my blog, I was grumpy, judgmental (mainly of myself) and a real horror to be around. The saying 'fake it till you make it' has been something I have been chanting to myself this week. It doesn't mean I don't feel grateful or happy this week - just that it was harder to. So I pasted on a smile (when I wasn't grumpy) and have been working on positive thoughts. 

Meditation sure does help! As does talking and/or crying! I see this guy in the gym all the time and on Tuesday (a particularly painful, frustrating workout later) he quite innocently said 'how was your workout??' I said '..grumble...I guess it went ok, but my injuries are playing up'. Then he proceeded to ask what, how etc. So I told him - briefly my story and he asked how long ago. I replied '14months' to which he said 'well done! Give me a high 5! You are doing so well, given everything you have been through'. Part of that did penetrate. Part of that made me sit up and listen. And take on board the compliment for what it is. He then shared his horrible life story and what brought him to the gym, which shed some light on the fact that others also use exercise as an outlet. 

Everyone you meet is fighting their own battle. Make it easier for them by being less judgmental and more supportive. Connect before Correct.

What are you grateful for today? What can you do today to make someone smile, or feel better about themselves? 

...Until Tomorrow xox

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