Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Day 226

Tonight I started to do a jigsaw puzzle again – not just because I love them, but also because I realized that it is a form of meditation – a form of stilling my mind. And I have been spending wa-ay too much time on the computer/iphone/ipad/technology. There is something to be said about calmly doing a jigsaw puzzle with the clock ticking and your best mate (Buddy) to keep you company.

I also think a lot whilst I am doing my puzzle. In a  good way. Sometimes I will be calm and relaxed and let my mind wander, other times I will have an epiphany! Like tonight! I love puzzles, because for me I can relate everyday life to them so well. Tonight for instance was a struggle. I was starting the puzzle for the first time, opening up the box and seeing mismatched pieces – some even upside down! Heaven forbid, as that is disorder!!

So I started to find all the edge pieces, as that is the place I like to start, whilst doing this I turn all of the other pieces picture side up – notice I didn’t say ‘right’ side up?!  As I was turning the others up, I started to jump to the next thing and wondered if I should start  to collect other images? Then I stopped and had a scoff – this is what I do often in everyday life – and as a result suffer more anxiety than most, as I am not focused at the job at hand, more often skipping to the next thing before I have fully completed my initial task.

I sat there tonight, even though I wanted to jump up and write this whilst I had the thought (jumping to the next thing, before I had finished the first thing) and I sorted all of the edge pieces out. Even though it was tough at first, I stuck with it, and then by the end was having fun and didn’t want to move on!

Everyday we encounter times where we can ‘jump’ to the next thing without finishing the first thing – but sometimes all ‘multitasking’ gives us is many un-finished or poorly finished tasks and a racing mind!

Next time you are jumping from task to task, stop and if you have to, force, yourself to stick with doing only one and finishing it before you move on. Not as easy as it sounds in today’s day!! Here’s to calming your mind!

…Until Tomorrow xox

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