Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Day 138

Strength. Determination. Persistence. Hard work. Never loosing sight of the bigger picture. Every success comes with many 'failures' (I prefer hurdles). All good comes to those that work hard. Excetera Excetera. All of this is amazingly true. And I believe that majority of the time those that put in the extra work will see the benefits. 

I think what is difficult for the people who are the hard workers to see is that the hard work you put in now, may not be seen immediately, but in 3, 6 or 12months time. It's not an easy place to be in when you are working so hard and feel like you are treading water. And it's OK to have those days where you vent, or stop and take a deep breath. It is these days where I use to go for a 2-3hour run..by the end of the run I would be recharged and have my next steps all sorted. But for now, I am left more with my own thoughts, practicing different methods to clear the head and regain focus. 

How do you regain focus when the hard work you are putting in is not paying off yet? I have figured out what works for me. I have a day where I do many little things that do pay off personally - I have a 'pyjama' day. A day where I can tick off many 'to do's' and feel amazing for doing so. Today I accomplished many little things. I have transferred what I haven't done onto a new list for tomorrow. And I allow myself to just be. 

Things or goals don't just happen. You do need hard work to achieve them. But what you also need is some down time. Certainly use some to reflect, etc. But really take some time to loose yourself in something - anything that is not "DOING", but "BEING". Allow yourself to feel achievement for being. How?? Sit in the sun. Feel the grass under your feet. Put a movie on. Go for a walk. Do something simply because you can. Not because you HAVE to. 

I think most people - especially the 'Do-ers' and the strongly motivated people in the world, forget that all things do take time. No person had success overnight. Most did in fact have more failures than successes. It is what you do with those 'failures' that determine your future. 
My boyfriend told me a story today, about a man who searched for gold for many months, then sold his equipment for a 10th of the price and gave up. The man that bought his equipment continued searching in the same area, and struck gold a mere 10m from where the first man quit. You never know when you are going to stuck gold - it could be just around the corner. 

What would you do? Sell your equipment and give up? Or persevere and find success a short time later? 

…Until Tomorrow xox

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