Sunday, November 30, 2014

Day 150

It is so important to spend time with the people you love. Yesterday I had a whirlwind trip to Melbourne I was able to spend time with 2 close friends. A bit of retail therapy (a huge pair of heels!) and a cuddle with one of my close friends new baby girl. Then I got to spend the evening with my boyfriend and met his friends and had a lovely night. 

This morning I travelled all the way back to the country for a day of work on both my businesses. A well rounded weekend I think! What I realised today with all my travel was that there was one thing that was missing! My own self-care! I realised the writing of my blog, meditation and just general well being. 

Sometimes a conscious decision needs to be made in order to do the things that are good for you. It's not always easy, but you definitely feel better for doing them. So a conscious decision was made for me today, to go back to doing the things that made my initial recovery so much easier…where my mental clarity and ability to make decisions for me were coming from a much better place. It's not quite a 'new years' resolution, but more of a reminder to look after yourself. 

Because at the end of the day if you don't look after yourself, you cannot look after and help anyone else. 

…Until Tomorrow xox

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