Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Day 139

There are so many parallels between training dogs and training yourself. Dog psychology is not too far different from our own. I went to my psychologist today to have a chat about the last few weeks, and what she did was to help me identify the 'underlying' causes. It's no different when you look at a behaviour in a dog - you need to figure out what is causing them to behave that way, instead of training the behaviour. 

We, in humanity, will look at our 'feelings' or our 'behaviour' and try to stop or change them, rather than looking at what is going on underneath..what is causing us to feel or act that way. Sometimes you need an outsider to peek in and tell you what is happening underneath. We can get so clouded in what we are doing, that we are unable to see the underlying cause. 

So many of the skills I teach people to train their own dogs, could easily be transferred to us - without much adjustment. I was in a Nutrimetics leadership meeting the other day and I realised that my motto for dog training which is "Consistency, Clarity, Calmness and Confidence" could easily pertain to business..or life in general. 

What I found so interesting was that we compartmentalise so much, that I'd never really thought of the skills I have as a dog trainer being able to be transferred to other areas of my life. But that is what happens isn't it. You are a combination of all of your experiences, all of your jobs, all of your skills - even if you don't think they pertain to the current job. You can transfer ALL of your experience to any part of your life. Especially when you are dealing with people! 

I think a good exercise to do here, would be to write down all of the skills you have learnt across your different areas and see how they interlink. I just did it then - very interesting. I have worked with people with a disability for over 10years - the skills I have learnt in this area have enabled me to assist with potentially volatile people in the public, change the way I say things to different people depending on how they understand things, has made me a patient listener and enables me to understand some of the complexity of human behaviour. Amongst other things of course!! 

What skills do you have that are used frequently?

…Until Tomorrow xox

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