Sunday, November 16, 2014

Day 145

I have loved my day today! Initially I was meant to work, but my client called and said her puppy was very unsettled (due to the weather). So I stayed in bed and read a book and had cuddles with Buddy. I dragged myself out of bed and then did some jigsaws, visited my family and practiced my ukulele and now I get to end the day speaking to my beautiful boyfriend! I can't think of a better way to spend a Sunday. Yet normally I feel guilty for doing this! Instead I feel calm, refreshed and ready to go for a week of work tomorrow! 

Something my mum always says to me is that "Life's not meant to be this hard". It's true. When you find yourself battling up hill with something, sometimes you need to stop and take a step back to be able to continue to move forward. 

I just found the above quote when I was looking for quotes to add tonight. Then upon reflection I thought, that is exactly what I do! And when I'm most happiest is when I let go and just enjoy the 'moment'. I know that 'control' is often where anxiety is stemmed from. For if you want control so badly ALL of the time, when you loose it and feel 'out-of-control' and anxiety and fear begin to increase. But when you actively CHOOSE to be in the moment, the fear naturally decreases.

If I had put the pressure on myself to work today and instead I spent the day relaxing I would feel terrible and anxious that I didn't do what I wanted (or thought I needed) to. But because I chose to, I am actually a bit excited because I have listened to myself and actively did it! I talk a lot about listening to yourself and making decisions for yourself and being ok with it. But it can be so hard to do this sometimes, but when you get it right - it's an AMAZING feeling.

We can only work toward a happy and fulfilling life after we make the conscious decision to listen to ourselves.

…Until Tomorrow xox

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