Saturday, November 15, 2014

Day 144

If you lead a fulfilling and well rounded life, you will be happy each day. 

I was talking with my sister and one of her friends this afternoon, about whether 'life is a journey'. I have a slight issue with this saying, as it implies that there is a destination. To which my sister replied "death"! But is there a destination? Or many destinations? What I believe is that life is a series of goals, and as you achieve one, you will work toward another. 

Although we all need to be happy with where we are at any given point, the drive to achieve a goal gives us the motivation to get out of bed and to move forward. The goal may change - buying a house, getting a promotion, having children, running a marathon, etc. I think what you are currently working toward is irrespective as long as there is some movement forward. I like what Albert Einstein once wrote "In order to be happy you need to tie yourself to a goal…" For the most part I agree! 

You also need to be happy with who you are at this precise moment - not with who you are going to be in a few months, or who you were a few months ago. Because like our goals, we change as we grow and we need to respect and love ourselves. 

Look in the mirror tonight - look past what the little negative self is saying, look at yourself as though you are looking at yourself through someone else's eyes. You are the whole sum of yourself. Sometimes we focus WAY too much on the negative and forget that it is a minute part of ourselves. Accept that we all have parts of ourselves that are not perfect, but that is what makes us unique! Embrace it! :) 

…Until Tomorrow xox

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