Friday, November 21, 2014

Day 147

Mind over Matter. How often is this the case? A few posts ago I wrote about how little we transfer the skills of one area over to another. Yesterday I did my first 'cleanse' day, in an attempt to see if having a 'rest' day would help my tummy problems. At times throughout the day I was thinking I was 'hungry' and went to eat OUT OF HABIT, when I wasn't really hungry at all. 

I can be naturally stubborn - both a good and a bad thing depending on the situation - and I refused to 'give in' to these thoughts. A few times throughout the day I thought to myself how like running it was. If you have ran long distances before you would know that at times you feel like giving up, but your determination and inner strength make you keep going. The same applied yesterday with a cleanse. 

How often do we do things out of habit and not push ourselves to make the changes we want in our lives? I was talking to a friend the other day about giving up smoking. Same thing really, if you are focussed and determined enough it won't matter what your mind tells you what you 'should' do i.e. eat, have a cigarette, give up, because no matter what it tells you, you will choose not to listen and continue to work on your goal. 

This is such a positive thing that came out of yesterday, for it solidified that no matter what life (or your mind) throws at you, if you are determined enough you will get there. It really helped, as this week I have been struggling with not being able to exercise at the moment

, as my hours at work increase. But I am so determined to run my marathon (all being well early next year) that I know I will get there - regardless of all of the hurdles I have had, and those that are yet to come. 

It pertains to all life in general though - any dream or goal that you have. Remain focussed and determined and you will succeed. 

…Until Tomorrow xox

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