Friday, November 7, 2014

Day 140

Taking actual time out for yourself. We always say that 'I need a pyjama day' or 'I'm just going to relax and have an early night'. But is that truly what you need? I figured out today that I need to meditate, I got a healing massage (which hurt like anything) and reiki done. After it I felt like the whole week (which has been challenging) was bare able. I became more optimistic and strong about persevering and working toward my dream. 

We all know how important it is to 'look after yourself' - but do we really do it on a daily basis? It should be done as regularly as possible. We often have a facial regime, a body regime and for some a foot or hair treatment. What is just as important - if not more so, is the mental regime. Mental care. For if you aren't coping properly mentally then everything else will suffer also. Stress is a HUGE cause of premature ageing and ongoing health problems. 

One thing that will help you with this is "not to compare somebody's outside with your inside". Meaning someone may make something look  effortless, look done up and beautiful all the time or have "everything". But you will never know what is going on internally with someone - it may not be as 'effortless' as you think. Before you judge yourself against someone else, make sure they are on the exact same path as you - or better yet - don't judge or compare. You will feel better for it. 

So take some time out this weekend and really pamper yourself. Do something that makes you feel calm and happy to be you. Remember to always ask yourself, are you a good person to live with? If the answer is no, then you need to reengage yourself with what you want to be like to live with by taking proper time out for yourself!

…Until Tomorrow xox

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