Monday, November 24, 2014

Day 148

I was driving today and decided to go a different route to the way that I normally go. I was stuck in roadworks for over 20 minutes!! I initially got a bit grumpy, but then I stopped and realised the similarities with any decision you make in life. 

Sometimes when we choose a road to travel, or a decision in life, it doesn't work. It does not mean it's the wrong road / decision or that you were wrong to try it - but may mean that it's not the right one for you. It's interesting when you make a decision in life - whether it's a 'minor' one like travelling a different way to work - or a 'major' one like moving interstate - you think that the decision is in concrete. It's not. Most decisions you make in life have the capacity to be altered. Most things are not set in concrete. And you can change your path whenever you choose to. (I could of made a U-turn and travelled back to go my 'normal way..or you can move back to where you originally were). 

Today I realised that sometimes the 'routine' or path that you most travel is perhaps the best one for you AT THAT TIME. And there is probably a reason that it works so well for you. You need to trust in your own judgement and feelings, for most decisions made from your own 'gut' feeling tend to be the best ones for you. The decisions you make for other people, or because other people are doing certain things, are not necessarily going to work for you. 

Be different. Be brave. Trust yourself. Don't be a sheep and follow.

…Until Tomorrow xox

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