Saturday, January 10, 2015

Day 167

Phew! What a week! My apologies for not writing each day - I was on 'holidays' - no excuses though. I had switched off for the week. It was amazing! I helped my boyfriend move into his new place, met some new people, went swimming and played with some animals!  

Although it was a full on week, I managed to be able to recharge a little - the most frustrating thing is on my arrival home, my house looks like I have just moved in here! Stuff everywhere!! But that's ok, I have all day tomorrow before starting back at work on Monday. The thing that I realised most this week again, is the importance of taking a break, stopping your mind from the daily humdrum thoughts and allowing yourself to recharge. What do you do on your holidays? 

I must admit, I am still in 'holiday' mode! Time to get back into it all tomorrow! But for now, it's time for a movie, cup of tea and puppy cuddles!

…Until Tomorrow xox

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