Thursday, January 15, 2015

Day 171

Party preparations full steam ahead. Work 32hours check. Food shopping, check. House cleaned, check. Dog bathed, check. Washing, check. Last minute preparations…well they're still going! 

I love planning events. I get excited and nothing else matters for that period of time! I love working out activities, fun things to do and … oh my goodness I just realised I haven't organised the music! Yes that is much what my brain is like at a time like this. But I love it. I feel like me…even though I won't be able to wear high heels at my party…or go for a run to get out pre-party jitters!! 

I am just soo grateful to be celebrating my birthday with so many amazing people that I love!! I'm blessed, and very lucky to have such an awesome amount of people in my life. I am overwhelmed actually at the amount coming…and when I stop to think…they are actually coming JUST FOR ME! Wow…around 60 people…I'm awed… 

I need to be off now…to write another to do list as I have lost my other one/s!! ;) 

…Until Tomorrow… (the day before the big 3-0 party!!!)

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