Friday, January 30, 2015

Day 179

I love jigsaw puzzles! I am playing a jigsaw puzzle thing on Facebook at the moment and once you have selected a puzzle all of the pieces are heaped together in the middle of the board. THen you need to separate them, then find the edge pieces, then you systematically work on small areas and once you have finished it's a beautiful picture.

It's a lovely analogy of life. Sometimes you reach a point where everything looks like a mess - nothing is in order, or feels right. Yet piece by piece you start sorting through the pieces for the edges which in life are more your foundations. And then you sort through the little sections for all the bits relating to 'life' and they start to fit. There are times in your life when things don't seem to fit or be working, but persevere and take your time - for if you stay positive that everything will fall in place, and continue to work on yourself, it will all fit together and work. 

I know myself, that the last 9months (since my accident) has been a rocky road, where at times everything seems to look like the start of the puzzle. Yet each time I started again, looking for the edges to keep me grounded. And slowly, everything started to happen. Yet this still required work and perseverance. I haven't ever given up - even if I felt like it. I have and continue to have days that are just - blurhg- and that's okay!! 

Never give up on what you want. If you want to lead a happy life on your travels, only YOU can decide to do so. And once you have decided to, it requires DAILY work - it doesn't just happen. Even the happiest people work at remaining that way. 

Are you going to take control of your life and happiness? 

…Until Tomorrow xox

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