Monday, January 26, 2015

Day 177

Happy Australia Day!!

Wow! What does Australia Day mean to you? Why do we celebrate it? The funny thing is, when I asked a few people these questions the answer was almost unanimous - "A day off" and the other response "A few drinks and a BBQ" and "Triple J's hottest 100". This made me laugh. Majority of people I spoke to didn't know why the day came about - or the purpose of it! 

I was just watching something on TV (unusual I know) and they had a whole lot of Australian celebrities talking about "burning a snag on the barbie" and then one very wise celebrity said "it is a time to reflect on what Australia means to you and do what you feel you need." Yes! I totally agree. I think as an Australian myself, we have lost sight of what it means to be Australian, and where our history comes from. So I thought perfect opportunity to expand my own knowledge!

I find indiginous Australian culture really interesting, so am looking forward to exploring this in my local area. 'Australia Day' itself refers to the day 26th January 1788 - the first European settlement in Australia in Port Jackson (now a part of Sydney). I love looking into and expanding my own knowledge. And have made the decision each year on Australia Day to go somewhere different, and learn more about a heritage. 

In the meantime, enjoy a beer and a barbie and have an amazing day with friends and family :)

…Until Tomorrow xox

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