Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Day 170

How do you know what you are meant to do to make your heart sing? Through trying that's how. You are not born into this world with a stamp on your head telling you what you will do in life. I'm pretty sure no-one knows exactly what they want until they've tried things first, even those that are at the top of their game. 

I was thinking a lot about this and how I have been putting so much pressure on myself to find what I love, what makes my heart sing, what I'm fantastic at. But you know what? I've had it all along. You are fantastic at whatever you are doing at a time. Only you can enjoy the journey, enjoy the trials and even the errors. 

Some people are lucky and find the thing that they love straight up, some it take longer and they find it later in life. Some find it in work, some in pleasure, some in both! Only YOU can decide what it is that makes you so excited you can't rest your head on the pillow, that you would jump out of bed and go running to. Have I found that yet? I don't think so…but I'm on the way to! And I am so happy and excited with where I am, and do you know what? At the moment having a loving family, boyfriend, friends and being here with them is all that matters to me. 

That sounds a little airy fairy…but when you get down to the crux of it all…life is short. Life is limited. Life could end now, in two days, or in 100 years…you just don't know. So whilst you are on your way to discovering what you are meant to be doing on this earth at this time…ENJOY IT! Appreciate what you have right here, right now. 

…Until Tomorrow xox

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