Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Day 169

Some days are harder than others to be positive. That is hard to say as a naturally positive person. But it's true. Today my tolerance cup was pretty full, meaning that it didn't take much for me to feel overwhelmed and start to get grumpy. Yes Mr Grumpy Pants was out in full force. 

What is interesting to note as a positive person normally, is that people are very quick to say - "put things into perspective" or "don't worry about it, she'll be right" or "Just breathe". All comments that on a normal day would seem ok and when looked at with clarity, it's probably what I would say as well, well mostly the 'breathe' comment. But when you're tolerance is not there and you are angry about something - you get very angry by it and all you need to do is vent that anger. 

There are positive and not so positive ways to get this anger out. Positive would be to do some exercise, (running use to always help me), meditate, play with your animals, talk to someone. Not so positives would be to continue on the negative path and not stop what you are doing to have a wee break or deciding to use alcohol or food or anything else that is unhealthy. As generally when you are that mad, you are doing things unconsciously, eating or drinking etc. 

Yes, we all have grumpy pants days. And yes we are ALLOWED to be angry. It's important though to reflect on what you are angry about, is it really the fact that someone didn't put away their shoes and you tripped on them, or the other 20things that occurred throughout the day? Today I have had so much spinning around my head, that I was working at full capacity as soon as I woke up…I literally had no little space to put anything, so when something went a bit wrong, I snapped. Now upon reflection I realise that I need to stop, write, breathe and meditate. If I don't, I'm not looking after myself and I can find myself in that same situation. 

Lots to think about tonight. How to you overcome your intense feelings (can be anything)? Do you make sure you look after yourself at times of heightened stress?

…Until Tomorrow...

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