Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Day 173 - My 30th Birthday

Wow! 30! When I was a child I thought 30 was SO old! That old, that you would be on your last legs. Now…well I feel like life is just beginning. I've figured out who I am, I've worked out the people I choose to surround myself with - positivity! I know that life is not meant to be figured out by a certain time, or be 'perfect' and that where you thought you would be and where you end up can be different - or more importantly can change! 

I thought tonight might be a good night to reflect on the past 30 years and what I have learnt or found out about myself as the time has continued. Ever since I can remember I have loved celebrations - I've loved parties, not just my own but others. I love games - I especially love it when everyone at the party feels included and plays the games! I'm energetic, excitable and easily distracted. 

This attribute reflects in my work - all the way through. I have always taken on a leadership role - and hence an organisational one - one where I am making others (volunteers, colleagues, downlines etc) feel a part of something bigger. I always have something to share, offer or talk about (reflected in my 'little miss chatterbox' singlet I got today!). 

Mum did a photo board for me - I love it…now to make it into something smaller and able to be transported (it is currently on an old door…!!) From a young age (I think my first photo is around 1…?) I have loved animals..there were countless photos of me with different types of animals - dogs, rabbits, mice, rats, horses, turtles..etc. And still is a huge part of my life - all of my children (lizards, birds and dog) and my dog training business. 

And the other thing that continues to crop up is personal development and never settling…always wanting more…Grade 6 Somers camp, YMCA young leaders camp, part of Victorian Police Youth Corp., SRC secretary, School Vice captain, Drama workshops, mental first aid, all the further education…the list goes on…

So in closing, I wanted to say, that life is a continual adventure, where one door may close, but another will open. And the main thing is, no matter what you do with your life at any given point, it will reflect your true morals and your true self. Only today whilst writing this, did I realise this. That you are born YOU - all of the crazy quirks - think back, I am sure they have been with you since you were a young tot!!

I've had a great birthday, and know that 30th year, will be one of many more discoveries and happy beginnings and endings. 

…Until Tomorrow xox

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