Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Day 172

The aftermath of organising your own party. 

2 months of organising.
2 days frantic preparation
7.5 hours of flitting between guests
1.5hours winding down
7 hours sleep
14 hours cleaning and reorganising house
1 blocked toilet
7 rubbish bags filled
and of course the greasy bacon and eggs brekky. 

It was an awesome night. Lots of fun and games! I had a whirlwind of a night and was quite touched and emotional at how many people came! :) (around 40-50) At the end of the night though I felt guilty. Not sure why - perhaps because my family was running around just as much as I was…or that I felt like I didn't really get to see anyone..

The feedback I have had though was all positive and everyone had a great time. Monday I was quite low. I felt on the verge of tears all day…everyone had left and gone home, the house was empty, and I was just tired, had a cold and emotional. Its so interesting, since my accident I have done a lot of work at allowing yourself to feel how ever you are feeling and not judging it, however yesterday (even though I kept saying I would view things differently after a good sleep) I couldn't stop feeling low. 

Being a hostess is actually quite difficult. And often we put that pressure on ourselves to be a good hostess. (Which funnily enough is all comparative!) Perhaps next time I'll get a big chair and put it in the centre of the room and make everyone come to me…hahah! As if I could do that!! 

…Until Tomorrow xox

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