Saturday, October 4, 2014

Day 121

I love doing jigsaw puzzles. There is something calming and relaxing about methodically finding pieces and seeing if they fit. I love the spatial aspect. One of my friends introduced me to a jigsaw puzzle on Facebook (Argh!!). So I can now sit in bed and have a quick go at a puzzle!

As I was putting together the pieces last night, I realised that doing a puzzle could be a metaphor for life. The bigger picture (your life) is made up of many individual pieces that you need to try and see if they fit. And if they don't, you pick up another piece and try again. Often we forget that if something doesn't work - or a piece doesn't fit, that there will be one out there that does. And it's all part of our journey to the finished puzzle! 

It's should also say people / objects / jobs etc

Some people will have thousands of pieces and will try thousands of times before getting to where they are going - that's ok, as long as you continue to find the right pieces. I mean - who wants to look at a half finished puzzle?! Not only does it annoy you and frustrate you, but it leaves you feeling inadequate and incomplete.

Sometimes we want the piece to fit so badly, we try it every different way, but in the end it's just not meant to be. Other times the piece looks like it should fit in the shape, colours and size, but it just doesn't. How often do we do this in life? Stay in a relationship because it should work / fit? Or stay in a job because if MOSTLY fits? What if we were to put it to the side like a puzzle piece and look at it for awhile, and try something else? In the end nothing bad will happen by doing this - and if you find the piece you've been looking for it would all be worth it wouldn't it??

It's your life - your puzzle. And only you know if the pieces fit to make the bigger picture work. Today is new day! Stop and have a look at your big picture. Are you on the right track? Are all of the pieces fitting? If not, is it time to put one aside and have a look for a different piece to fit? 

…Until Tomorrow xox

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