Friday, October 24, 2014

Day 133

I was thinking today, about how most people will look at what they haven't done or what they did wrong, or the 'negative' comments / thoughts others do / say. Rather than on what they have accomplished or the positive things that have happened. This is almost a default behaviour in most people. 

I have been working a lot on focussing on the positive. However there are some days that your default 'negative thinking' behaviour creeps in, and generally you get worried or a bit down on something that is meaningless to the other person.  Where does this 'innate' behaviour come from - why is it a default behaviour amongst society? 

I had a quick chat with my sister about this. And it poses for a much longer conversation I think. We discussed the possibility of the 'negative' posing danger and it originally a fight for survival - so you would focus on the negative in order to change your behaviour to survive. Thereby it eventually becoming a survival of the fittest. 

But if this hypothesis is correct - how has it evolved that negative feelings are so pronounced? And that worrying about someone saying something nasty or what you said to someone is assisting you to change your behaviour. Quite often (unless you have  a lot of practice and determination) changes in behaviour don't occur after worrying about something. so it's not a simple case of negative - worrying - change in behaviour / a better outcome. Instead it becomes more of negative - worrying - worrying. We get caught up in the same loops. 

I guess being aware of the loop at all is a start and then when you are in that negative - worrying state think about how you can change your behaviour. Where did the innate change in behaviour go to though? When did it stop being innate and start to have to be a conscious decision we make? 

It is a conscious decision to make now. So we are all on the path of positive thinking and changing our thought patterns. Good Luck! :) 

…Until Tomorrow xox

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