Monday, October 20, 2014

Day 131

“Do what you need to do” or “Do what makes YOU happy”. I ONE HUNDRED percent agree with this. I think in order to lead a fulfilled and happy life you do need to do what your heart tells you is right.

Sometimes though, in life we are faced with decisions that we know are right for ourselves, but will disappoint or hurt someone else by making them. Unfortunatley this puts you in a difficult position. Do you do something so they are not disappointed? Or do you listen to yourself and do what you need to? In an ideal world, we all know what we need to do. But it is so difficult, especially if you are a people pleaser.

Since my accident there have been many things I have had to pass up on / give up in order to listen to my body and let it rest. It is sooo hard for me. At the moment I am wanting to move forward but my body is not allowing me to. What is most challenging is I look fine on the outside – I look ‘healed’. So when I explain – not that you should have to – why I cannot do something, I get a strange look – a “But you are all better and can do anything” look.

Most of the time I do not go into the nitty gritty explanations of how and why. Sometimes I feel that someone does want more details. Then it comes to my next point. When you are making decisions for yourself, you do not need to explain why you are making them to anyone else. My mum gave an example the other day, about how with one of her friends she feels bad and will go for a coffee with her. Then one day mum asked her around for a coffee and her friend said “No Thank You”. That’s it. No explanation, just a polite decline.

I think what gets most of us in trouble is the non-committal. The “maybe” or “perhaps”. It gives the other person the presumption that you will go. If you make a decision – whichever way – make it early, stick to it and honor it. This goes across the board for any decisions. And sometimes, someone, somewhere will be disappointed with your decision. But that’s ok.

…Until Tomorrow xox

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