Friday, October 17, 2014

Day 129

I was thinking today about how there are many things that life teaches us along the way…teaches us how to 'conform' - have a job, pay the bills, buy a house etc. Teaches us that being different is unusual, It teaches us to 'live our dream' and be positive, but not the skills or reinforcement to do so. 

So what have I been learning as my blog goes on? I thought it might be a great day to stop and reflect so far the positive helpful things that I have learnt thus far. 

1. Self development is continual and very important to do daily

2. Laughing at yourself is imperative

3. Be specific with your goals and work step-by-step to achieve them

4. Be yourself, if someone doesn't like it, they shouldn't be in your life

5. Who you surround yourself with impacts on your mood, motivation and success, so choose carefully

6. Letting go is difficult. When one door closes another one opens wider.

7. Be honest with yourself

8. Be accountable for your actions and behaviour

9. Say 'no' to things that aren't going to help you achieve your goals or dreams

10. Take a holiday regularly

11. Have a pyjama day at least once a week

12. Be kind to yourself

13. It's ok to have a bad day, let yourself - tomorrow is a new fresh day

14. Take notice of what is around you - sounds, smells, sights etc

15. Make sure you smile a lot

16. Compliment strangers 

17. Be thankful to people - cafe workers, check out attendants, fuel attendants, EVERYONE!

18. Remember that everyone has a story and to be compassionate

19. Negative emotions are a part of you - low feelings, sadness, frustration, anxiety, anger etc. Sit with them and allow yourself to feel and let go. 

20. Meditate everyday. Eat food that nourishes you. Exercise lots. Sit in the sun. Play with your pets. 

21. Spend quality time with your family

22. Procrastination will happen, if you have something to do, put it on a short timeframe and remove yourself from any distraction. 

23. Reflect regularly on what you have to be grateful for

It's funny, as I am writing down what I have learnt, I just want to keep writing!! None of the above things will come easily and some may feel very hard some days, but as long as you continue to work on them, each day will get easier, and one day you will find that they have become a part of you and you couldn't imagine your day without them. 

…Until Tomorrow xox

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