Sunday, October 12, 2014

Day 124

I just finished watching a movie, which was really good…except the ending. It's funny how when we invest time in watching a movie, we want the ending to turn out a certain way..generally for me it's always a happy ending! 

When we see a movie, and it doesn't live up to our expectations, we get disappointed and feel like it's a 'crap' movie. But isn't it the journey and story of the movie, that has held our captivation? Should we judge a movie purely on the ending?

This got me onto thinking about life and the journey we take through it, it's not the ending that tells us if we have lead a 'good' or 'crap' life - but the events and journey that we have had along the way. And when something 'ends', something else new begins. When we think about movies, we always want the best outcome - which is also true of real life, but as we all know, is not always the case. 

What happens when you are on your journey and you do get what you want - the 'happy ending'. Which in itself is a funny term, because you haven't really 'ended' yet have you? Do you celebrate, have a feel good, happy dance..then what? Do we reflect, acknowledge and appreciate it? I also think when you see a movie where the ending is not what you wanted or expected, you think about it a lot more, discuss it, and recommend other people to watch it to see their thoughts. In real life the best lessons learnt are the ones where the outcome of what we are working for is different than what we expected.

So next time you think you are at the ending that you didn't expect, have a think about what you have learnt along the way. And when things turn out the way you wanted or better than expected, make sure you also spend the time to reflect and appreciate the journey. 

…Until Tomorrow xox

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