Thursday, October 16, 2014

DAY 128

Today has been one of 'those' days. Everyone knows the one I'm talking about! But instead of focussing on all of the things that went wrong (including re-hurting my knee/foot) - I wanted to end the day looking at all of the things I have to be grateful for today. I invite you to take some time as well to think about your day and what went RIGHT or is good, instead of the opposite.

For me today: 
1. I had a giggle because I forgot my underwear when I went swimming…
2. I hit my head on the hand-holdy thing in the bus and snapped my sunnies in 2 (I never liked those sunnies anyway!!)
3. I went swimming.
4. I got to play with puppies at dog training tonight
5. My niece and nephew came and helped at dog training
6. I have lovely friends who listen to my rants
7. My boyfriend called tonight
8. I had hugs!
9. I took photos

…Most importantly….TEA and BUDDY (my dog) cuddles! 

We all get in those moods or have days where motivation is low and everything that could, does go wrong. And it's those days where we focus so much more on the negative things. But we should be focussing on the positive even more - then we would be able to turn the day around or at least be able to see the positive in the day, where you thought there were none. 

It's surprising too, that the more you think about the good that happened in the day, the more you want to continue to write and think of even more. That is the personality trait that we should nurture is this one. I think it is important to acknowledge if you feel crap or angry, but to be able to move on and remain positive is an amazing trait - and one that not everyone has mastered - YET! 

As I've said before though…practice makes perfect!

…Until Tomorrow xox

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