Friday, October 10, 2014

Day 122

You may of noticed I’ve been a bit M.I.A. this week. It’s not because I haven’t wanted to write, but because I have just had one of those weeks. I have mostly changed my outlook on life and are much more positive and am able to appreciate the little things much more than I could before my accident. This week however I had regressed, back in anxiety, stress and exhaustion. And what my lovely boyfriend said to me was “You’re not going to suddenly be rid of the habits or things you were so use to be doing, straight away”.

It’s so true. How often do we think – yep! I’m doing awesomely…I don’t (smoke, drink, party, eat fast food etc any more) but then if we regress back to the old habit - suddenly we have failed. Where in life’s book does it say that it’s not ok to regress? Or make the same error twice? No where. Because quite simply – life is a big long journey and you are able to make mistakes and errors and IT IS OK!

Try telling that to yourself though, when you are prone to trying to be perfect (which is preposterous because perfectionism only exists in the mind) and are not ok with mistakes. This I have found, is most people. Most people will look at things they have or have not done or said and turn it over and over examining each angle. We are our own worst critic. Some criticism on our behaviour is beneficial, however most is detrimental.

We should be kinder on ourselves. Of course we all ‘know’ that. But how do we make this happen? It took me 3 days, but what I realized was I hadn’t meditated in over a week. I hadn’t taken time away from those thoughts to be able to think, act and make decisions clearly. We need to meditate or have a break from even ourselves everyday.

Once I had taken 15 minutes on Wednesday, I dramatically felt better. I was still exhausted, but able to get work done, be decisive and kinder on myself. What do you do to take time away from the world?

…Until Tomorrow xox

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