Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Day 132

"If you want something done, give it to a busy person". I heard this for the first time over the weekend. So I've been thinking about it a bit over the past few days. Benjamin Franklin was the first to say this in the 1700s. Interesting, isn't that, although many things may have changed since then, human behaviour isn't one! 

I started to think about the meaning of this, and why it is so prevalent. I even asked a few people, and they all said they would ask something more of those that appeared "busy" (which is only a concept after all..) and overlook those that had a lot of 'extra time'. When asked why - the response varied but all along the lines of 'it will get done' and 'they can handle it'. How fascinating! 

So why..? I think that a 'busy' person is very good at time management and is often working on many projects with schedules and will seize any window of time as an opportunity to get things completed. This comes back to what I have discussed previously about working to shorter timeframes to get things done, and quite often effectively too. Which is why so many of us always left our school assignments to 'the last minute'. Also someone that has a lot to do, will not waste as much time procrastinating!

I started to think about my friends and acquaintances. Which were they? And also what was I? Was I the person that would be asked to do something because they knew it would get done? In the end though, it doesn't matter. What is important is

that you get the things that you need to be done completed, regardless of whether or not you accept something from someone else.

..Until Tomorrow xox

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