Sunday, June 1, 2014

Day 1

Hi, I'm Megs, and I hope you will join me on this exciting new journey of blogging and embarking on 365days to a beautiful life! 

Recently I came across a website called 100 things ( and yes you will find the beginnings of my list, which is ever changing. Take a look and have a giggle  at ! 
I thought this was a fantastic idea - how many of us have 'dreams' or 'ideas' or even a 'bucket list' but never actually write them down, or heaven forbid say them out loud!! This offers an easy and visual way to do so! 

Last month I had a car accident. I was 'lucky', I had a pretty serious collision with a tree and managed to stumble away with some soft tissue damage, whiplash and a knee with potentially some minor damage and a small chip to the tibia. (Oh and a cute 3cm scar). Physically I escaped pretty unscathed. My car was not so, being a write off - but what's a car when you can walk away with your life?! What I, and perhaps yourself, had previously underestimated, was the emotional effect something like this would have on you. I had a brush with death and walked away - sadly not many people can also say this. 

I am still working through what this means, but the last month has been a roller coaster, of being sad, grateful, depressed, guilty, angry, numb and for the first time in my life introverted.

Prior to my accident, I was working 4 jobs (2 self-employed), running dog training classes, consulting for Nutrimetics parties, accepting additional disability shifts, playing netball, going to the gym, swimming, training for a marathon, seeing friends, walking my dog and travelling to Melbourne frequently. I was in a constant rush or 'busy' state, moving from thing to thing or job to job, seemingly never crossing anything off my to-do list, often rising at 530am, leaving home at 7am and not returning until 7-8pm. Quite often working 7 days a week, or when I wasn't at work, I was thinking about it, or completing paperwork for one of my new businesses. I was never 'in the moment'. Nor did I really "Stop to smell the roses" or really "live". 

Some people have told me that my accident was "to show me that I needed to slow down". I'm not really sure about that, however it has definitely made me look at things differently. To really cherish every moment you have, as life is very short and can change in an instant.

The reason I wanted to tell you all of this is to paint a picture as to why I finally got around to writing my 100things list. I realised that I would get so focused on pushing myself to be better, do more or to "succeed", that I would forget to stop and look at what I had achieved. Mind you, as motivation is not something I lack, I would quite often be frustrated at sitting and doing nothing! Ironically that is all I have been doing the past month!! Which has lead me to understand the importance of stopping and just sitting still sometimes.

Hence, this leads me to where I am today. As I started to make my 100things list - I realised that the majority of the things on the list did not cost anything (some time perhaps) and would help me to realise my dreams and to lead a happier life. 
I am quite good at getting excited about an idea and forget to follow it through...
So instead of being an "idea's man" I decided to put my money (or time) where my mouth is and jump in! 

This blog will combine 3 of things on my 100things list - 
1. Take a photo everyday for 365days
2. Give a stranger a compliment for 365days 
3. Write a blog! 

I hope you enjoy this journey and the stories to be told as much as I will…and I would love to hear from you if you have decided to embark on a similar one! :)

…Until Tomorrow! xox

I love the use of positive and motivational quotes…so you may be seeing a few of them!!


  1. Hi Megan,

    Sorry to hear you were in a car accident but relieved that you were able to "walk" away from it. As you say, many people are not so lucky. I hope you're all healed up soon.

    I will be interested to see what the next 365 days bring for you! I'm sure there will be lots of good stuff!

    1. Thanks Muriel!
      Healing well, and am looking forward to this new journey! Hope you are doing well :) xo

  2. I know this'll be great, phew- what an amazing start xo

    1. Yep! Thanks for all you support and inspiration! :) xx