Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Day 18

Another huge day today. 

I went along to a party plan seminar today. It was amazing. The presenter was so energetic and fun. The session was aimed particularly at a party plan business - for me Nutrimetics - and how flexible and great the opportunity is. However, the huge take home message is that anything you want to achieve is based on your ENERGY. Some people have really extrovert energy - when they are passionate and excited they jump up and down and the whole world knows about it, others are more subtle, it may be a gleam in their eye  or a knowing smile. But these are the people that you spot a mile away when you walk into the room, and instantly want to go and talk to.

I've discussed the importance of positive thoughts and complimenting yourself and others. Which reflects the energy you put out. When we stop and break it down - what does it mean to have energy? When we have that inner excitement and passion and love for something, it really does shine out of us. What the presenter really focussed on today was being aware of yourself - thinking, being and doing. How do you think? About yourself? About others? How does that reflect on who you are being? What are you doing? What actions are you taking because of these thoughts?

We focus a lot on the 'doing' aspect, but not as much on thinking and being. How you think about something reflects on your behaviour by attaching meaning to a thought. For example someone cancels their appointment with you..what do you think? Do you blame yourself? Do you get angry at them? If you do, your energy will change - you will feel bad (disappointed), you may take it out on someone - or start in the 'negative cycle' of thinking. This will reflect on your energy and hence what you attract - i.e. probably negative energy and your business will suffer. 

Then being - what does your energy say about you? Would you like to be in your own company?! So your thoughts reflect on who you become. How do you want to be seen? You can either look at what is not happening and focus on the negativity or you can look at what you do have and what is working and put all your energy there. It's definitely fantastic to stop and reflect at any given moment and work out what your thoughts are doing. Are they what you want to be thinking / attracting? 

I will have to take 2 photos tomorrow as I got a new phone! Whoop! I was happy and excited to spend some time with a beautiful sales consultant at Telstra, and the best thing? I am lucky I'm in the industry to be able to give something back to those helpful people that cross my path (a complimentary facial!). It felt great to be able to give something to someone that goes above what their job entails. 

…Until Tomorrow xox

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