Monday, June 2, 2014

Day 2

Hello Again!

Today I awoke with excitement to embark on my new journey! 

I got up with that extra special spring in my step…then I seemed to have one of those days where nothing seems to go to plan and everything goes Topsy Tervy! 
My coping skills with change at the moment aren't the best and it seemed that when I had organised my day it would go and change again! By lunchtime I was exhausted!

I then found myself back in that frenzied loop of "having to do"… the to do list kept growing… which was interesting as I found myself creating tasks that didn't really need to be done. (old habits creeping in)

Then I came home to this…

Photo #1: Milly (visitor) on left, Buddy on Right

Two very wet, very sad for themselves dogs! Both were so eager to get inside and were shivering (not sure if that was just a ploy to get inside!). By spending a few moments with those that love you indefinitely, you can find it easier to stop and put things into perspective: work can wait, that phone call can wait, even the dishes can wait! Dogs are always happy to see you and are so ecstatic for that extra bit of love. For some reason we sometimes seem to overlook their importance in our lives. So I spent the next hour drying them both and having some cuddles, whilst grounding myself and having a few deep breaths to bring me back to remember what's important. 

Remember to spend quality time with your best friend.

Now this isn't quite what I would go for ,
but did make me giggle!!
I didn't have the opportunity to see any strangers today, I did however get a wonderful tele-marketing call. I'm not sure what you normally do when you receive those calls? 
People in these jobs have a wonderful way of turning a 'no' into a 'yes' or at least trying their darndest to, and have an uncanny ability to keep you on the phone. I've always struggled to say 'no' at the best of times and when presented with an opportunity like this I seem to listen politely (while trying to think about how I can get out of the phone call) before making up an excuse, such as waiting on another call, before hanging up.

Today, however, I thought I would take my new found happy life and not be ambiguous. So I simply said "Thank you for your call, I think you do a great job, however I am not interested in Funeral Insurance at the moment". (Oh yes, how ironic is that?! - having a brush with death then being called up 5 weeks later about insurance!!) 
Now I did need to be insistent, but I did get a chuckle out of the telemarketer and we both left the call with a smile on our face.  
Typically the above is a nice, polite conversation that doesn't seem out of the ordinary. However, in our 'busy' world we sometimes forget our manners. After all it is the telemarketers JOB to make these calls, it is not their fault if we are busy. 

Another opportunity to stop and step outside of our own 'busyness' to have a simple conversation with someone just doing their job!

Until tomorrow… :) xox

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