Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Day 24

I had a 'movie moment' today. You know the ones where you are doing something and then you think, oooh if I was on a movie that would be the perfect song to play at the moment?! 

It happened when I caught myself absent mindedly staring out of the window at the rain…the rain was falling on the window pane... I was deep in thought…I have no idea what about now…but I thought gosh this would be the moment in a movie when the main character is really pensive and something like "Bad day" or "Bridge over troubled water" or "Diamonds on the inside" would be playing over the narrative. Then my imagination got away from me and I started writing a whole script in my head about this particular scene!! 

Before I knew it I had the next Oscar-award winning script in my head! Now…to put it in writing!! :)

Today was a beautiful winter day…Raining, Cold, Stormy…perfect for snuggling under a blanket and to stare out of windows! I am not a great fan of winter..being a bit more of a reptile - thriving in the sun, and wearing thermals and many layers in winter!! I was dressed like a michelin man, snuggled under a blanket and almost sitting on the heater - refusing to go out of the house. It was a great reminder for me to look for the beauty in everything and look for the grateful aspect. 

So here's what I came up with:
1. The mountains finally got snow
2. Rain will fill up the reserves
3. I was able to stay at home and snuggle with a blanket
4. I got to write the next oscar winning movie, just by staring out a window! 
5. I got to spend quality time with mum and Buddy

Day 24 photo: Warm Moccasins

Like I said yesterday, once you start, you just keep going!! Oooh 6. I found my warm lace - up moccasins (classy I know!!).  

I love the opportunity everyday to put music to a situation. And I truly believe there is a song for every moment. Sometimes I think I should be on 'Glee' but in real life. I'd love it if everyone just broke out into song randomly. How happy would we all be? And you don't need to be a good singer to reap the benefits of singing. Did you know that singing has been used as a therapy for people with depression, anxiety and stress? It's similar to laughing - it takes the focus of the internal wanderings of your mind and releases endorphins and oxytocin. Pretty cool! So next time your feeling a little blue, crank up your favourite music and sing along - or grab your hair brush and sing. Or belt it 

I tried this the other day when I got in the car..I was a bit anxious, so I just started singing a song and found myself start to calm, almost immediately I felt better. 

Mmm…I think I might go and watch 'Annie' or 'The Lion King' and sing along!!

…Until Tomorrow xox

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