Thursday, June 19, 2014

Day 19

What makes you, you? What unique skills / gifts / attributes do you bring to the table? 

We are all individuals and different. I completed an online test today about what your gifts are and how to utilise them in day-to-day life. When I told my best friend what I found out - she said "that doesn't surprise me at all! Sums you up!" I was reading it thinking 'yeh maybe it does some me up' - but I kept making excuses…yeh I do like to learn..but doesn't everyone? Yeh I guess I like to give encouragement. Funny though, I've never stopped to think about my 'personality traits' as gifts - especially those that could be used in growing my business or expanding my inner strengths. 

It's back to giving compliments isn't it? Appreciating what you have and utilising your strengths. Look at what you have instead of what you don't have. I would quite often focus on 'I wish…' or 'I need to be…' rather than, 'I'm so grateful for…' or 'thankfully I am…' especially when it comes to personality traits. I'm going to try it…identify the positive attributes in myself…what makes me, me! We really believe what we tell ourselves - regardless of whether it's positive or negative. So if we continue to have an excuse for our positive attributes, we'll turn them into negative ones. Then where will we be? Probably less happy and more stressed because we all striving for positivity and ability to accept ourselves? 

Today when I went into town to pay some bills, it strikes me how most people are too busy to almost be human. We talk on mobile phones whilst at the checkout, we walk with our head down or on our phones, we rush in between traffic to cross the road, we get caught up in our own thoughts we neglect to see the elderly lady needing a hand to cross the road or $2 that someone dropped in front of you. 

It's amazing the impact you can have by NOT multi-tasking. By completing a task with your full attention. Today I looked the check out man in the eye and engaged in a conversation, took my time whilst walking (pretty easy with a bung knee!!) and I had my phone in my pocket and looked around when I was crossing the road. Actually looking for times to smile and engage with people. And I was met with the loveliest responses…a nod from an elderly man, smile from a mum with a pram and conversation with a young person whilst in the checkout line. I actually felt human!!

As promised..two photos!! :)

Day 19 #1 photo: Cooking Carnage

Day 19 #2 photo: Cakes of labour!!
A lovely afternoon of cooking yummy carrot cakes…until it came to the dishes! Afternoons like this, I wish I had a minion!! ;)

…Until Tomorrow! xox

This is sweet :) 

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