Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Day 17

Wow, today has just - poof! Disappeared! So much so I almost forgot to set aside some time to write! Whoopsy! 

Albert Einstein was very wise...
I had a lovely day, spending the time with my sister. Apart from a specialist call, my phone was set aside. It was so lovely to spend quality time with family without the distraction of technology. We rely so much on technology for entertainment these days. I have a friend who has unplugged their tv and rarely answers their phone. How liberating! If we 'schedule' time to spend on internet / tv / phone (games) we would probably have a lot more time to do other things we love…like spending time with our families and kids and dogs…

In saying that, technology is important - I mean I am currently watching 'when love comes to town' and texting a good friend, who lives on the other side of Victoria (and writing my blog on the internet..). We don't get to catch up face to face, but having a weekly time where we message and be silly is so much fun and I look forward to it. Most of my close friends live far away from me, so I do like to be able to email / call / message. I find though, in between all of that, I WASTE TIME!! :)

If you've read some of my other blogs you'll know I've focussed a bit on time management and prioritising. The past couple of months, actually having time to process everything. Has made me realise just how precious time is. As an elderly guy from my gym once said…

"Your life goes by in a blink of your eye" 

I would much prefer to reach the end of my life knowing I made the most of my time..not reached level 500 in candy crush!! ;)

Hey you there! How's all your positive thinking going?

I sat and completed another mindfulness exercise today. You need to sit still and bring the awareness into your body - checking in slowly with each part of your body - and let go of all the thoughts drifting into your head. It only took about 10minutes. When I opened my eyes, I laughed so hard. Buddy (my dog) was sitting as close as he could to me, with his head on the edge of the chair and eyes closed…apparently he was practicing too!! 

Well you do attract what you put out (as I said yesterday!!) Hehehe! There is nothing like having a dog to make you smile and laugh. I know he's made it onto my blog a few times already…

Day 17 Photo - Buddy after his mindfulness exercise!!
…Until Tomorrow xox

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