Thursday, June 12, 2014

Day 12

Today is Thursday. I state that because for me the days are blurring together, and unless I have an appointment on that day I have no idea what day it is! It's funny, because when you want to have a holiday or break from work you can't, but when its FORCED it's a totally different story!

Wise words from pooh!

I had a great chat with my physio today about surrounding yourself with positive people (all of those mentioned yesterday!) and filling my days with things that I have been meaning to do for a long time. 

I received a book in the mail (which I forgot I ordered - thank you slow postage!!) so I am going to read it! 

Day 12 photo: 'thrive' book

This is a book about vegan nutrition for active people. Whilst I am not a full 'vegan' I am a vegetarian and generally quite active. So I thought it would be fantastic to read a book from a  professional ironman triathlete and get some inspiration. Over the next week or so I am going to sit out on my patio, with the beautiful view and read. Then when I'm back running again I'll have all the nutritional information and will be ready to go! 

Which got me onto thinking about what we put into our bodies on a daily basis. Obviously I have focussed a lot so far on being grateful and positive. If we look after ourselves, we will be healthy and able to enjoy our lives fully. 

We so often will reach for the "quick fix" nutritionally or the easy option or the habit food that we always turn to.  But really, is that the best and most nourishing for our body? Probably not. I completed a mindfulness exercise called 'raisin awareness' - don't worry I giggled too!!

It's where you look, smell, touch, feel, taste, chew and swallow a single raisin. The whole experience took about 3 minutes. 3 minutes you say! Yep! The longest it's ever taken me to eat something so little. But it's amazing that when you really focus on what you are eating, you actually find that one is enough - not the handfuls you normally put in! It makes you look very differently at food. Try it!

As I said earlier, I'm a vegetarian, have some gastric problems and am active. So to find the right nutrition is really important. I am also lucky to have been introduced to herbalife ( a nutritional shake company - which allows me to get the nutrients I need and I also have healthy, organic whole food.
 I am looking forward to reading "thrive" to find out some new recipes and options. Since my 'raisin' experience I really stop and think about everything I put in my mouth. I tell you, it certainly changes how you look at food! And quite often why you are actually eating (back to that comfort food scenario!). 
I can now happily say I have not eaten a piece of chocolate since that sneaky bit the other day!! 

So if we don't look after ourselves physically and emotionally, we can't help others. And we should all be the fittest, healthiest version of ourselves.

…Until Tomorrow xox

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