Saturday, June 14, 2014

Day 14

Wow! 2 weeks in!

For those in Eastern Victoria, it's been freezing and wet!! So I hope you've all dug out your thermals! :)

Last night I set myself 10 tasks to do today. I've realised in order to achieve your goals you need to do little daily steps. It's also important to schedule in some time for yourself. The 10 tasks today were to kick start me back in to 'normal' everyday did I do them?! You bet I did, and it then motivated me to do more! 

I recently went to a training day where we focussed on time management and goal setting. We were given task to write down EXACTLY where we were spending our time - every minute from the time you wake up to the time you fall asleep. Do this for a week and you will soon find out where all your time is going! Be completely honest...

I formulated a really quick graph on an "average" day (before my accident). What I have realised looking at the graph - was how much time I actually wasted! I was talking to my best friend today about using "busy" as an excuse. Being "busy" should never be an excuse to turn down something or not to do your tasks for your dream. Because chances are you are spending most of your time doing tasks that aren't meaningful and are just 'time wasting'. - A very interesting read about being 'busy'.

There is actually a good 80/20 rule (pareto's principal) Which means 80% of our time is doing trivial tasks and 20% doing meaningful ones. When it should be the other way around! If we were to be proactive with our time and being useful with it we would actually end up having more time. Strange thought isn't it?! How often have you thought "if only I had more time"?! When we stop wasting time - or doing things that aren't going to help us…like playing games on your phone for hours, or googling / watching you tube - you actually have more time to be productive and hence more time doing things that you love (like playing with your dog). 

Interesting concept..and probably lots to still learn and change about our day, but small steps!!! ;) To set yourself small daily goals will help you to achieve your bigger one! I'm starting with 10 things including all areas, but you can do as many or as few as are ACHIEVABLE! :)

Day 13 photo: Tick! 

My photo today shows the jetty in Paynesville during a storm this afternoon - it was gorgeous! I was ticking off 1. Taking Buddy out, 2. Completing a mindfulness session 3. Reading a chapter of Thrive and then on my way home 4. Visiting mum and dad. So as I said earlier, your tasks or mini steps don't need to be big, only meaningful toward your end goal. 

…Until Tomorrow xox

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