Friday, June 20, 2014

Day 20

Happy Friday!! :) 
Day 20 photo: Sunrise

What a site to wake up to this morning! The day started beautiful, how could you not stop to appreciate the view. I knew it was going to be a magnificent day! I decided to have a day today where I just went with the flow. Didn't set myself a ginormous to-do list like I normally do! I went to have a swim..then the gym. I visited some friends from the gym and had a cuppa with mum and grandma. 

Buddy watching the birds
Buddy had enough of the noise…walking away!!

 I had a lovely afternoon with mum - laughing at silly jokes whilst both trying to figure out how to use the computer! Was a simple, fun afternoon. 

I then came home and played with the animals and had a nap!

I'm going to keep today's blog fairly simple. This is because today I realised the beauty in spending quality time 'in the moment' with people you care about. And sometimes the funnest moments are the ones that we don't plan. 

So have a lovely friday night - I hope you all can have a simple, beautiful unplanned day with loved ones. 

…Until Tomorrow xox

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