Saturday, June 28, 2014

Day 28

A tough Saturday night for me…a cup of tea, a good movie and a snoozy dog! Wow what a party animal!! 

Day 28 photo: Inquisitive Buddy
Photo Day 28: cosy slippers and dinner
There was an interesting pattern today when I was talking with people. Which was we all seem to doubt ourselves, fall into old habits and also not see what everyone else does when they look at us. 
I like this!
I'm not sure why there is so much self-doubt in society - does it come from not wanting to seem "cocky" or "stuck up" if we accept ourselves? I personally think there is a difference between being happy and confident with who you are and being arrogant. 

Acceptance. That's a big thing that I've been working on. Accept that what you are feeling at the moment, then let it go. You can only move forward if you let go of the past. And it is the past that we define ourselves by…when we need to define ourselves by who we are, who we want to be and what our morals are.

We waste so much energy trying to change or resist aspects of ourselves that define who we are. We all are made up of an array of aspects - some we love, some we like and some that we need to accept because they make us who we are - unique! I know that I am an active person and in the course of a conversation can easily jump between about 3 topics…this can be frustrating for people at times, but it is me and I have accepted that this is part of me. When I accepted this, I can now giggle at myself when I'm 'extra flighty', and have found that what I thought people would annoy people was one of the aspects they accepted or even liked about me the whole time!!

Self acceptance and trust in our own abilities and feelings. A huge and powerful thing, but extremely important to lead a happy, fulfilling life. :) 

…Until Tomorrow xox

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