Sunday, June 22, 2014

Day 22

What a glorious sunny day again today! How lucky in the middle of winter!!

Clearly the one I went into wasn't as new!!

I went and got my MRI done on my knee today. For those that don't know, an MRI does a scan of everything - muscle, tendons, ligaments, cartilage, bone and any other inner workings I have forgotten to mention! And it is extremely loud!! I got positioned on a trolley and had my knee secured..then I was given a squishy ball to hold, in case I needed to contact the technician, then had some ear muffs (niftily fitted with music!) and told to lay still…

Then it started. 4 lots of scans REALLY loud! Sort of like you would imagine a rocket starting their engine to be like!! I started to feel a bit overwhelmed and anxious - the having to lay still reminding me of being on a spinal board after my accident. Not a happy reminder! So I took the opportunity to practice the mindfulness exercise I have been learning. So I concentrated on my breathing (occasionally breaking to peak at the countdown clock…!) and just relaxed, letting go of any thoughts as they entered my mind. 

I must of been doing ok, because the technician came and touched me on the shoulder and I nearly jumped through the roof! She then said she wanted to do a  few more images because I had some bone haematoma… "ok" I said to her, and went back into the machine. Inside my head I was thinking "What?!! What is haematoma? What does that mean?!" Then tried to get back into the mindfulness…and trying not to let my imagination run away from me!! 

15 long minutes later…I am free to put on all my jewellery again (I never realised how much I wore - I thought I was a minimalist!!) and shoes on! Then I dared to ask the question - 'What does haematoma mean?" answer: "Bone bruising". Not as bad as my imagination would have me believe! Then I asked about my meniscus (which is what I thought was the main concern)… "I can't see it that well on my screen..the resolution isn't good enough". So I have to wait another 3 days before I get the full verdict. 

I guess another 3 days isn't too bad to wait, right? But it's already been 2 months! I've had enough waiting! But in the last two months one thing I have learnt is patience…you cannot rush things that are out of your control. So, I am left with my bone haematoma (!) to wait to find out if I can start to return to work soon, or if I have to wait… 

I'll aim to spend my time wisely..doing things I've been meaning to do for awhile, but keep putting off!! 

Day 22 Photo: Reading and playing with Buddy
Including what I did this afternoon - Sat in the sun, read a WHOLE chapter of my book, and played ball with Buddy! Hope you all had a great Sunday! :)

…Until Tomorrow xox 

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