Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Day 4

Day 4 already! 

I am sitting here tonight, thinking gosh I'm tired…what do I write about? But then I got to thinking how interesting it is that as I have started to be conscious of what is actually going on around me and by being a lot more open to giving and receiving compliments, how much more fulfilled I am at the end of the day. It's an amazing feeling to know that by saying "You do a fantastic job, thank you so much" to the waitress at a cafe, that it put a smile on their face and made their day. So really by giving a compliment you are also receiving those feel good feelings of helping someone :)

My photo today is a simple one…

My New Gate :)

with a fun story... My Dad, who is ever pottering and looking for bits and pieces, has embarked on his own adventure to clean out his shed. Some of which has ended up in mine (!), but he did fill a trailer load of rubbish to take to the tip. Whilst unloading at the tip he spotted a tin gate, which came home in the trailer with him! So Dad spent some of today fitting the gate and putting on a secure bolt. (Buddy was not impressed…he previously had a little peep hole!!) I'm so lucky to have a dad that hunts for goodies and then helps fit them too! 

Just goes to show…one persons trash is another's treasure…or in my case a new secure gate!! :)

Hope you all have had a positive happy day too!

…until tomorrow xox


  1. I was just thinking to myself "I wonder if Megan's updated her blog yet?" & there it was! Only 4 days in & already I'm looking forward to your ponderings - keep up the good work.

  2. Hehe! Thanks! I'm loving it, and getting quite addicted!! :)
    And…great minds think alike! :)