Sunday, June 15, 2014

Day 15

Time ticks past…'goes so quickly' or 'never seem to have enough time'. Do you know what is the funniest thing about those comments? Is that time never changes, a second = a second… minute always = a minute etc… So what about our lives makes us feel so rushed and like there really isn't any time? 

Yesterday I talked a lot about where we spend our time and setting small tasks to achieve your goals..but do you know when there are too many tasks to fit in a day? Do you know how to prioritise..? I know that I didn't. Since I have been off work and off exercise…my days have had endless time..which is what I always wanted wasn't it? But for some reason, the less you need to do, the less you want to do and in turn the less you actually get done! Hence why prioritising and having a task list is really important…or time really would just be wasted.

What I've been working out is the art of figuring out what is most important and "LETTING GO" of the rest. I am still working on this (that's why I yelled it!) I mean everyone is so different and what is most important to you, will be different from you mum / best friend / colleague. For example my mum would always prioritise vacuuming, where as I would always choose a run first any day! :) So comparison between you and someone else is always a bad idea.  "The only person you need to be better than, is the person you were yesterday…"

Letting go / moving forward / living in the moment…goes hand in hand with what my whole blog is about. But what makes letting go so difficult? I think for me, there is part of me that does not want to seem like a failure. Which is silly because what fits one day most likely won't sometime in the future. We need to embrace change and look for some of that spontaneity. But we are creatures of habit and change can be difficult. Most change occurs when we let go of the past and whatever is holding us there.

I have been reading a lot lately, and habits / going through the motions is what majority of us to do-to-day. Just think back to time ticking…if 80% of the time we are habitually going through the motions..that's 80% of our life that is gone…without even thinking about it!! Makes you think about being a bit more wise with our thoughts and time doesn't it. 

Photo Day 15: Storm over the lake
Today I visited a friend, and we sat up on the second story and looked out across the was beautiful. Then we saw hundreds of water fowls and pelicans in what looked like a feeding frenzy. Then there was a double rainbow…it was stunning. And great to sit there with a friend and get distracted by the environment and the natural beauty. Now here is somewhere I could probably happily habitually sit and look at that for 80% of the time!! 

…Until Tomorrow xox

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