Saturday, June 21, 2014

Day 21

The shortest day of the year! You know what that means? We are now moving closer to Summer and the longest day of the year! Now that's something to look forward to!

I was privilaged to attend a beautifully organised fundraiser today for the "biggest morning tea" as a Nutrimetics consultant. It was at a gorgeous property with a string quartet playing. Each woman that came brought their own tea cup. One of the fund-raising activities was to tell your story for your teacup. It was fantastic! There were funny stories, sad stories and beautiful ones. The oldest tea cup was over 100! And had been passed down many generations!! :) 

What I loved most about this activity was a reminder that everyone has a story. Everyone has been on a roller coaster and experienced ups and downs. There were two things that came from this reminder - the first being that you can never judge someone, for you never know what their life has been like. Ie the "creepy guy" looking over your back fence, might be trying to catch your attention to say hello, or let you know they are spraying poison along the fence line - He may not be creepy, but be more reserved or be different in his approach than what you are use to. 

The second thing was; that everyone you encounter will have had something difficult to content with over their life. And what struck me as really interesting, is not WHAT people had been through but HOW it affected their outlook and approach to different situations. It is your choice how you approach as situation. You can approach a situation with negativity, for example 'she didn't come to her shift on time' or 'they never do their job properly' but in the end you are only causing frustration for yourself by thinking these things. 

Or you could focus on what you do have - and going on from what I talked about earlier..everyone has a story. So whilst it can be frustrating for you when someone does not to turn up to their shift - you do not know what has happened to stop them coming or what is currently going on in their life. Perhaps we should stop jumping into the negative train and start showing some compassion and understanding. Also being negative is a a continue to feel worse. If you stop, accept what has happened…can you fix it? i.e. call in another staff member? If you can, do so and let it go. If you can't, accept that and move on. You are actually wasting energy by worrying about something you either have the ability to fix or not. 

The more we are ruled by our frustrations the less light we will see and the less fun we will have. Some days this is difficult. Every situation we are faced with, and the decision on how we want to portray it, is all a learning tool. One of the best advice I've ever had, is if you find yourself back in that negative cycle and deal with a situation less than you wanted to. Is stop and say "That's not like me, I'll choose to handle …(situation)……. differently next time!" Check in with your thoughts regularly through the day - what do they say about your peace of mind?

Day 21 photo: Playing a fun game of cards with Mum and Grandma :) 
I had a lovely afternoon / evening playing cards with Mum and Grandma. I couldn't think of a better way to end a beautiful day!

…Until Tomorrow xox

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