Monday, June 23, 2014

Day 23

It's Monday! A start to a beautiful new week, where the options for what can happen are endless… :) 

Sometimes we need a little help to look at the bigger picture. We get caught up in the day-to-day running of our lives, we forget to stop and look at where we are headed. We take things for granted daily. I definitely did. 

What do you take for granted? 

Is it the fact you can walk / run? Have a roof over your head? Can indulge in chocolate? Have food on the table? Be healthy? Have a loving family? 

I know I never thought twice about juggling a few jobs - and being able to run 21kms and being healthy. Until I had a wake up call. If this wake up call had not of happened, I could of continued on my life without ever being aware of the bigger, better picture!

Sometimes our wake up calls are subtle, sometimes we need that extra help I was talking about. 

Last night on 'Sunday Night' there was a truly heartwarming story. You can watch it here: 

What an amazing, strong, inspirational woman. Who continued to be grateful for her life in spite of many challenges. 

This helped me stop and look at what I have and be GRATEFUL for it. For example the ability to walk - and eventually run again. 

As I have said earlier, I write a 'grateful' journal each night. I would easily get caught up in being grateful for "success" or "goals" or "family" - I would neglect to focus on myself. What particularly associated to me am I grateful for, and can I be specific!! I have started to be specific. What about my family am I grateful for? So instead of just rushing and 'dot pointing' my journal, I would stop and reflect as well. So instead of just saying 'I am grateful for my family' it would be 'I am grateful for having my family close by to spend quality time with them'. Then what about myself? Last night I wrote 'I am grateful for the ability to make my own decisions that impact my future'.

It can be fairly confronting at first, but once you start you realise there are so many things to be grateful for that you want to continue to write!! I find that sometimes I need a bit more inspiration - that's when I turn to the motivational sites on Facebook, or Pintrest or You Tube. Or watch amazing stories about inspirational people. 

Most people find it challenging to get out of bed and head to their daily 'hum drum', some days or all days. Are you a 'snoozer' - meaning your alarm goes off and you press snooze - just 10 more minutes..or do what my friend does and set her alarm for 30minutes before she actually needs to be up? I was one to get up when my alarm went off, but very sluggishly and everything was such an effort for the first 5 minutes! So instead of 'forcing' myself up, I now spend that 5 minutes to reflect on my grateful journal and to look at positive quotes to put me in a good frame of mind to start my day. 

Spending five minutes looking at positive things and reflecting on the 'goodness' in your life, changes your whole attitude to the day. 

If you can start your day strong and positive and grateful, you will be in a much better place to be able to deal with any knock backs or obstacles that you may receive through the day. And you will be able to enjoy your day and appreciate the little things a lot more. 

Day 23 Photo: A toasty warm wood fire!

…Until Tomorrow xox

Animals always get a smile!! :)

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