Friday, June 13, 2014

Day 13

How many of you are saying "Thank goodness it's Friday"?!! 

It's going to be a wet and wild I hope you all have some warm plans!! (Or go to coles, they have really warm snuggelly blankets for only $6!!) …Or find yourself a lapdog…Buddy (the 19kg border collie) has decided the only place he would like to sit tonight is on my lap…very awkward when you are also balancing a laptop!

Day 13 photo: Big lapdog!

Today I went back to the gym..could only do about 10minutes before being knackered..but was great to be back! What was even better, was what greeted me!! The beautiful gym staff and other guys that I normally work out with. All immensely happy that I was back…so I actually spent an extra hour in there just chatting. Getting out of the house and being surrounded by happy, like-minded people was a fantastic start to the weekend. 

I have also received some lovely feedback from a few people about this blog - thank you so much! I love sharing my thoughts and ideas with you all and it's even better that they are having some impact on you! :) 

Do you know what I learnt today? The ability to stop and see yourself how others do. We seem to see greatness and individuality in others, but are always striving to be or do more, not seeing the greatness in ourselves. 

I've always been a bit different - not quite wanting what most people generally want…
focussing more on adventure and 'shiny objects'! We discussed the tendency of being distracted easily today - "shiny object" or as one of the beautiful gym staff would say… "oooo balloon…"!! And I love that! The ability to love the 'silliness' in yourself! When we start to combine the other things I've talked about (positivity, compliments etc) - you begin to see that you have surrounded yourself with people just like you!! 

We spend so much of our life trying to 'fit in' or 'be normal' that we forget to stop and embrace all of the things that make us individual. Which is not always easy. But writing this blog and the feedback I have received has made me realise that 'perspective' of yourself and how others view you is so different sometimes! 

I have talked about complimenting yourself before. We should up the ante and write down 10 things you appreciate about yourself… then ask 5 people close to you to tell you 10 things they appreciate about you. It's like a camp exercise I undertook once - "warm fuzzies". Where everyone in the group designs a brown paper bag with their name on it and they are displayed in the common room (or staff room even…come to think of it…) and over the course of the week anyone can write a compliment and place it in the bag - with or without their name attached. Then you get to go home and read all of the beautiful compliments! I lov this exercise (probably obvious given my blog!) and even people who struggle to give compliments found it easier, because its not as confronting and you don't have to sign our name to it! 

I guess that's a long way of saying that you can give a compliment in different ways! How about we do the old fashioned thing and write a letter to someone you love! I'm sure you all have so many people in your life that you can do this too - it's the weekend for it!! :)

…Until Tomorrow xox

I thought this was cute and sums it up perfectly

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