Saturday, June 7, 2014

Day 7

A week in already! Thank you to everyone that has given me beautiful feedback so far! It's lovely to hear you are enjoying my ramblings and it's so nice to doing something fun for no reason and have other people enjoy it! :) 

I spoke to quite a few people today and for some reason there was an ongoing theme around 'impulse / 'self' control'. It's funny, when I'm training dogs, it's one of the first things I teach a puppy. Then when it comes to ourselves or our children (if you have them) it seems to be the last thing on our minds to learn or to teach ourselves. I say this because when it comes to chocolate covered almonds I have NO self control!! (those who know me can vouch for that!!) However, I was thinking about this more tonight, I have self control and motivation for exercise and am driven at lack of impulse comes back to food. Which goes to show, if we can teach ourselves control in some areas of our life - why not in all? Now this may seem contradictory to what I'm going to write about later..but I think it's important to teach ourselves self control. And there is actually research that discusses the advantages of learning immediate self control. 

Self Control: a person's ability to control emotions and behaviour and to limit our impulses.

So I was thinking, generally we turn to lack of self control when we have developed bad habits or is a way of coping (i.e. eating chocolate or having a glass of wine when you're stressed). If we can identify these bad habits and replace them with good ones and make better choices we will feel more in control and be healthier (mind and body). I identified one of my naughty habits and I want to cut out refined sugar (since my accident I seem to have eaten my weight in chocolate!!) and have a bad HABIT of turning toward sweet food when I am stressed or emotional. Today I bought 2 blocks of chocolate and put them in the fridge..I am going to break this habit and learn SELF CONTROL and make better choices around chocolate!! I will keep you updated how I go! Check this out for tips if you want to break a habit...Plan to Break those bad habits

Day 7 photo: View from Lindenow Cafe

Today I went on a little adventure with 2 gorgeous friends. We went to a makers market and farmers market, then SPONTANEOUSLY decided to go for lunch. Above is the view from the cafe we went to. We sat, laughed and told stories and before we knew it, it was 1pm! I have a need to put everything in order and have such a big to do list that there doesn't seem to be TIME to be spontaneous! 

I was talking to my best friend about her view on when I was was whilst I was away..when I did what I felt like with no worry about what other people thought. I re-realised today (if that makes sense?!) that it's so important to keep ahold of some of that childlike spontaneity to be open to having new adventures!!

Now I know that I talked about self control and then spontaneity all in one go, but I hope you are able to see the difference? That it's important to break the negative habits and replace them with doing things we enjoy..! 

So…learn to cartwheel…spend some time outside…go for lunch with friends and loose track of time…or complete one of your items on 100things list…!!

…Until tomorrow xox

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