Monday, June 9, 2014

Day 9

I went into the pool today, to do some rehab on my knee. As I limped toward the pool, I sighed, thinking about what I use to be able to do (run..21km…gym…etc) and now struggling to complete 20minutes in the pool before getting tired. I had a bit of a 'poor me' moment. But then I put a smile on my face and climbed into the pool. As I was completing my 'bicycles' and treading water I noticed another lady completing some similar exercises. So I scooted over to where she was for a chat. 

She was telling me what was going on with her then she turned to me and said "What happened with you? A sporting injury?" I explained what happened then she said "oh you look so athletic and fit". It was such the off the cuff compliment that I went straight into my usual "awkward, unsure how to accept" response. Then stopped myself and said thank you. She smiled and we went on to talk about lots of other things. It was so lovely. It's amazing to stop occasionally, smile and put yourself out there to talk to strangers, even if you're not feeling 100% awesome. 

When I got out of the pool the pool attendant (who I knew from before) started to talk to me about recovery and that it can take time…talking about footy players and their recovery. It was really sweet. (Not that I am likening myself to a football player!!) 

What I learnt today, was that if you continue to put out positivity and friendliness, it will come back to you when you need it most. I was then able to come home and pass on the positivity and kindness that was shown to me, onto my family and the other people I spoke to today! :) 

Photo Day 9: Room with a view (Milly on oval patrol…!)

After the pool, I came home and pottered around the house. I turned around and had a giggle at Milly looking out at my beautiful view, barking at anyone who walked on the oval!! 

Today has been a roller coaster of emotions, but sitting down to write my blog was great reminder of all the positive things we have to be grateful for.

…Until Tomorrow xox

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