Monday, June 16, 2014

Day 16


Writing an early one today, so I can attend Nutrimetics training tonight, and start to get back into 'normality'. 

My day started at the gym…funnily enough reading a book about a little chicken family with quirky stories. (Thanks Michelle!) Yep! A good workout... of laughter. Laughter is definitely the best medicine. Laughter is universal - even if you can't speak someone else's language, you can still laugh and giggle together! I forgot how awesome it is to have a good belly laugh…so much it actually hurts!! 

I once started a laughter club - for no reason other than I wanted to. I remember how strange it was to be standing in a circle with all sorts of different people looking awkward…then once we started laughing we couldn't stop! We were literally rolling on the floor with tears. There is actually research completed about the benefits of laughing..that it relaxes the whole body and that it's really contagious. Another reason to hang out with positive and funny people!

Hehe…I think I'm the only one who finds my jokes funny..then everyone just laughs and me laughing!!

If you can't muster a laugh, even a smile releases endorphins and makes you feel good. Sometimes it is really hard to sometimes I grimace…then it turns into a real smile..then a laugh (at yourself for grimacing!!). And when you feel better you make better decisions and you attract what you put out. So if you are smily and laughing and fun, the people who you attract and that you end up hanging out with a positive, fun people! :) Much better than sitting around comparing doom and gloom stories! 

How do you laugh or smile when you've had "one of those days"? Oh, the ideas are endless! But I know that I look at animals doing silly things, or watch Buddy going silly, or read really bad dad jokes (see above) or dance crazily around the house listening to 60s music! But find what tickles your funny bone and spend some time doing that and laugh until you feel better! Sometimes easier said than done..but that's why they invented comedy movies! To help us laugh when we need!! 

I just had a thought of the best time of laughing I've ever done… it's when I am not allowed to!! You know when you're in the middle of a meeting and someone says something to you (generally doesn't even need to be funny initially), then you do the silent laughter, and can't stop or can't look at each other and you laugh even more (silently of course!) until you have tears rolling down your face and you forget what was so funny in the first place!! 

Day 16 photo: Afternoon tea..
I had a giggle today..I left the room for a second and returned to find buddy smooching closer to my afternoon tea! He was looking at me for the "munchy" command to eat..needless to say I think I stopped his wishful thinking in his tracks when I ate the rest of it! 

I hope you all find something to laugh about tonight and feel awesomely! :) I just have to say for the record..I LOVE LAUGHING!! :)

…Until Tomorrow xox

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