Thursday, June 26, 2014

Day 26

What a day! Full up with medical appointments! Got to spend time with mum and dad and now having puppy cuddles! :)  

Day 26 photo: Little guest at the physio...

Had a cheeky little guest at the physio today…I called him pumpkin (he was grey!). My physio caught him in a cup. He was a bold  little mouse…actually came close enough to smell my sock!! He had a great adventure until caught…I like to think that pumpkin the super mouse found a way to escape out of the cup and continue on his adventures… (insert adventure music!!)
I think this is pumpkin…on his way to lead a happy life…
(be careful my next oscar award-winning script is in the making!!)

It's going to be a short one tonight, as I need an early night! I'm pooped!! 

I'll leave you with something I learnt today. To count your breaths. A simple but easy method to help meditate. Count 1-10 then start again (hehe poet!!). If a thought comes into your head, stop and start again. Its actually really effective! And helped me calm myself to be able to drive tonight!! :) 

So I hope you all have a good nights sleep!! :)

…Until Tomorrow xox

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