Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Day 3

Wow! Day 3! 

I'm pooped tonight! I have spent the day with a beautiful group of women completing a self-development day with Nutrimetics. I love Nutrimetics! (I am a consultant www.nutrimetics.com.au/meganhopman) Compliments were free flowing - one of the many reasons I love the company. I gave many compliments. However what I wanted to write about was how hard it is to receive a compliment when someone gives it to you. 

I think the best wisdom I have come across it to treat a compliment as though someone has just given you a gift. When someone gives you a gift (whatever that may be) you graciously say "thank you", you don't discount what they have just given you. So applying the same principal, when someone gives you a compliment, a simple thank you will make the giver feel validated AND they are more likely to give another one! So it works both ways. 

I know I tend to be very quick to dismiss a complement for example, if someone says "you look nice today" I respond with something like… "oh I've had this for ages…". When I give a compliment I think about how it is received, some people become awkward, some don't seem to like getting them and others are gracious with their responses. Which will impact on the type of compliment I give them next time. The more we practice giving and receiving compliments, the more they will happen. And, yes, the world will be a happier place!! ;)

Day 3: New Car 
My photo for today is my new car (Mazda tribute) I had fantastic plans of taking a beautiful photo with the water in the background…instead it was dark and wet when I got home, so you can have a look at the nose of my car!! ;)

This was a huge step for me, I have only driven a few times since my accident, and tonight it was dark and raining on top of it all! Yes, I was anxious and worried. I was going through many of the emotions on my way home that I guess are expected after having a serious accident. But what I have come to realise, especially as I am beginning to get my strength back, is that I enjoy, and need, my independence. Without driving (in the country), everything is so far away that you are reliant on others to drive you places or need a taxi / bus. It can be debilitating in itself. 

So..to get back behind the wheel was a great step forward. And just affirmed to me that if you want or need something bad enough you can work through the emotional barriers you may have, to get there. 

I have a few more things to say about driving and moving forward, but I will leave them for another day, as it's been a big day today! 

Thank you for joining me today!

…Until tomorrow :) xox

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